Tuesday, March 18

mmmm berries!

My friend, Emily & I had a brilliant idea of taking our kids to pick strawberries.  February & March is strawberry season in Florida.  We made plans with our families to go one beautiful Saturday morning, only to get there & be told there were no more strawberries to be picked!  We were a bit disappointed, but had a super fun day hanging out at the Fruit & Spice park.  Not long after that Aldi had strawberries for $.99.  We each snagged 10 packages,  Emily did some research & we were on our way to make our first ever batch of strawberry jam!  We followed Pioneer woman's recipe on her blog.  It was easy & straight forward.  It was a great success!

 Drew was such a good boy.  He played & watched us for awhile.  Then he slept the rest of the afternoon!  Max helped a little bit.  Ate a lot of berries.  Watch the same movie over and over again until he fell asleep on the couch!

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