Tuesday, March 18

mmmm berries!

My friend, Emily & I had a brilliant idea of taking our kids to pick strawberries.  February & March is strawberry season in Florida.  We made plans with our families to go one beautiful Saturday morning, only to get there & be told there were no more strawberries to be picked!  We were a bit disappointed, but had a super fun day hanging out at the Fruit & Spice park.  Not long after that Aldi had strawberries for $.99.  We each snagged 10 packages,  Emily did some research & we were on our way to make our first ever batch of strawberry jam!  We followed Pioneer woman's recipe on her blog.  It was easy & straight forward.  It was a great success!

 Drew was such a good boy.  He played & watched us for awhile.  Then he slept the rest of the afternoon!  Max helped a little bit.  Ate a lot of berries.  Watch the same movie over and over again until he fell asleep on the couch!

froZen mOments

I think that's why I love pictures so much.  It freezes one simple happy moment to enjoy for a lifetime.


The first thing we did when the new camera was charged was to try it out at the trampoline!

New camera

We finally got a new camera!
(This is one of the first pictures taken on it!)
After tons of research and help from friends & family we decided on a Nikon.
I am pretty much using it on auto mode & I have a lot to learn.
Enjoying my new toy & love taking pictures of my family! 

Back 2 Bloggin

This post is to document my decision to just pick up blogging from here. Our camera died & then our laptop got a virus.  I took pictures from the iPad & iPhone for months & posted them on facebook.  I am not "techy" enough to figure out how to post onto the blog from them. I tried, really I did.  We've had a new computer & camera since Feb.  My plan was to go back & post all the thing I missed.....but the process to transfer the pictures from facebook to here has proven to be too overwhelming for me.  Thus my decision to just pick up from where we are!  I love our "digital scrapbook" here on my blog and my purpose for doing it is to record our memories. 

Tuesday, February 18

Pirates & Donuts

 When we found out we could get a free Krispy Kreme donut if we talked like a pirate, we were in!  Come to find out if you dressed like a pirate you get a free dozen donuts.  We got excited!  Good thing our dress up box is stuffed full of pirate costumes!  We left Kripy Kreme with 4 dozen donuts & had fun sharing them with all our friends in the neighborhood!

*sept 2013

Sunday, September 1

my max

max barges in my bathroom this morning as i am getting ready for church.  "good morning, buddy.  how did you sleep?" i ask. imagine my surprise when he gasps, "HORRIBLE.  i was just so scared in there by myself!" he is so funny & so dramatic!  don't let people tell you that only girls are full of drama! my boys are full of it!

{i imagine the author of this quote was peeking in on her sleeping son & feeling so guilty for all the mishaps of the day!  they look like little angels when they sleep! }

Saturday, August 31


not really my favorite task.
i recently made my own laundry soap.  this is my second time. i was inspired by pinterest, my friend & sisters and was quite please with the results.  great value & does the job well!

and i love having my laundry helper close by!

back to school *2013*

and we're off & running on another school year.
EMMA: 5th grade {last year of elementary. *gasp*}
LEVI: 4th grade
MAX: K3 {when mommy works}
 i always approach a new school year with mixed emotions.  the summer can be difficult with all the fighting & having to constantly entertain them. BUT...mostly i don't want them to go back to school.  i get so emotional because it is a marker of how quickly they are growing up.  i also struggle with the schedule!  getting up early, packing lunches, coming home & doing homework & then having to have a set bedtime. so far they are adjusting well.  sean and i are praying they will be a blessing to friends & teachers...showing the love of Jesus.

 max & julia go to pre-school together one day. super cute!
max has been cracking us up by insisting that he do his homework, too.  since he doesn't go to pre-school every day the teacher sends home the papers from the other days & he loves to sit & do it.  

swim season *2013*

another great swim season is over.  emma loves to swim.  she has improved & had lots of fun.  she even made some new friends.  we are so proud of our girl.
emma gets her events written on her arm
some of the girls emma has enjoyed swimming with.

 we're her biggest fans.  it's kind of long & hot, early saturday mornings...but we really do enjoy watching her compete.  even if she doesn't win.

 one of my very favorite pictures.  she saw me sneak on the deck & waved at me while she waited for everyone to set up for the race.

doing the backstroke

 the boys waiting for emma's next event.  sometimes they get bored, but it's a family affair.  (and we get donuts on the way there!)
*** AwArDs PaRtY***